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Will Condo Insurance Cover A Guest’s Possessions?

When you live in a condo in Wallingford, CT, your condo association will typically carry insurance that covers everything outside of the domicile, that is, the building itself, and any liability concerns arising in the general neighborhood. Your condo insurance, which you purchase yourself, will then cover everything inside the home. It functions more like renters insurance than home insurance in that way, including your possessions, the safety of those inside the house, and any liability concerns that are not listed as exclusions.

This means that there will be some coverage allowed for a guest’s possessions, as well as any injury they may suffer while inside of your home if you are held responsible for the incident in any way.

Just like with renters insurance, there are some exceptions, of course. If someone is injured while taking part in illegal activity, there’s a good chance that the insurance company will not honor the claim. If you have someone staying for an extended period, primarily living in your home as a roommate, you will need to call your insurer and let them know that your guest is a permanent, or semi-permanent, resident of the house.

Your condo insurance provider will honor the most reasonable claims made on damaged or stolen property belonging to a guest. They’re here to help you, after all. Just make sure that you keep them informed on anything out of the ordinary. If you’re hosting a big house party, if someone is staying for months on end, if they’re carrying exceptionally valuable goods with them (a typical policy covers up to $100,000 in liability coverage), let your insurer know.

If you’re shopping around for condo insurance in Wallingford, CT, get in touch with Lana Insurance Center Inc. Lana Insurance Center Inc. can get you the protection you need.

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