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How to choose the best Medicare Advantage Plan for you

Choosing healthcare is confusing. Lots of terms and figures to compare, and Medicare Advantage Plans are no different. Depending on which state you live in, you may have lots of choices or only a limited number of choices. Connecticut is one of the states that have lots of options. Having an insurance agent that you can trust and count on is vital to making an informed decision. At Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT, we have years of experience helping our clients find the perfect insurance products to meet their unique needs. 

Your doctor is in their network.

No matter which carrier you think has the plan that fits your needs, you need to know your preferred doctor/doctors accept the plan. The carrier will have a list of the doctors in their network on their website, or you can call your doctor’s office and ask them if they accept the plan. 

Your medication is in the formulary.

With most Medicare Advantage Plans, prescription coverage is included. The medications are listed in a formulary, and they are placed in tiers. Some tiers include deductibles, as well as copays. 

Is there a deductible 

Some plans have zero monthly premium. On the surface, that sounds great, and it may very well be great, but make sure there isn’t a large deductible built in that will keep you from afford service.


Compare the amount you will pay for doctor visits and basic services like x-rays and blood tests. Are you responsible for a percentage of the cost? 


Some plans include dental, vision, and hearing benefits. You may also get a credit to use for over the counter items. Getting a free membership at a health club is also something to check out. 

Contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to discuss the Medicare Advantage Plans that are offered to Connecticut residents. 

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