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Why you need more liability coverage in your home insurance policy

Part of your home insurance policy comes with bodily injury and property damage liability. It is designed to cover you and your family for lawsuits that other parties might file for injuries or property damage that you or your family members may cause to other parties.

Everyone in your home, including pets, is covered, and the coverage pays defense fees, damages, and medical bills. That’s why Lana Insurance Center Inc. recommends buying adequate liability coverage based on your risk needs and the number of people living with you. Here is how liability protects you:

Liability protects you and your assets.

When you become a homeowner, protecting your investment becomes a priority. If you or any other member of your family is sued for injuring another person or destroying their property, you can easily lose your assets if you are not well-prepared financially.  For instance, if your dog bites a neighbor’s child, you might be required to pay medical bills and, worse, deal with a lawsuit. With adequate liability, it can help pay your legal defense fees.

Liability provides coverage for your family members.

If you entertain guests at your home or have teenagers who throw parties every once in a while, you may want to have bodily injury and property damage liability if you are sued for injuries sustained at your home during those visits. Raise your coverage limits if you have a swimming pool, home office, or trampoline. You never know who will get hurt accidentally while at your house.

Liability coverage is quite complicated, and every insurer has its rules and regulations. Therefore, never assume you are covered. When in doubt, always ask and get clarification. For more information, quotes, or queries, feel free to contact Lana Insurance Center Inc.

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