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An In-Depth Look At Medicare Insurance

Lana Insurance Center Inc. offers coverage to Connecticut residents. We offer our clients multiple types of coverage to ensure that they are protected in any situation. We will assess your individual situation and find a policy designed for your unique needs.

Medicare Insurance Overview

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps you feel good and keeps you motivated to accomplish great things. Having health insurance is an important part of the process. Medicare insurance is flexible, which allows you to choose a policy that aligns with your goals. Traditional plans include a network. This means you can choose a primary car physician within a specified area. You also have the option to receive urgent care from any of the facilities listed in the network. If none of those are a fit, you could opt for an alternative policy, which gives you more freedom to choose a doctor and preferred hospital outside the network. Each of the policies has a different set of guidelines regarding coverage if your primary care physician recommends that you take prescription drugs.

Medicare insurance does cover important dental procedures if you are undergoing surgery. However, preventative care such as regular checkups and cleanings are not covered. In some cases, Medicare insurance does cover vision exams, especially if you are at a high risk of contracting glaucoma. You are covered if you want to receive a yearly flu shot as part of your preventative care. If you are admitted to the hospital, Medicare will cover your treatment and your rehabilitation.

Lana Insurance Center Inc. Will Help You Find The Right Coverage

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