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Auto Insurance: The Impact of Careless Driving on Your Driving Record

Everybody knows that careless driving can have an impact on your driving record, and on your auto insurance policy. Careless driving in most states is defined as driving without care or driving without having a reasonable consideration on the roads. It is not the same thing as dangerous driving which means that you are posing an actual danger to the public when you are on the road.

The consequences of careless driving are steep and could impact your driving life for some time.

At Lana Insurance Center Inc., we know that mistakes happen. We can help you to design the auto insurance policy that will best meet your needs.

What is Careless Driving?

Careless driving is about not taking reasonable measures to be safe on the road. It involves those careless mistakes that happen when you aren’t paying attention. You don’t mean to do it, but you are acting without the care you should have on the road.

It could include not checking your mirrors, speeding, problems with cyclists or pedestrians, running red lights, texting, and driving, or failing to maintain a safe distance.

Penalties for careless driving could include driving points on your record, heavy fines, suspended license, and even jail depending on the circumstance.

Careless Driving and Auto Insurance

When you have been convicted of careless driving, that will have an impact on both your driving record and your auto insurance. Even a ticket for careless driving will mean a conviction. That will stay on your driving record for years and will impact your auto insurance for just as long.

Get a Quote

When you have a careless driving conviction, it is not impossible to get insurance, but you will need help with your auto insurance policy. Call Lana Insurance Center Inc. today to get the best quote for your auto insurance after there’s been an impact on your driving record.

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