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When To Adjust Your Home Insurance

It’s important to not be caught without adequate insurance on your home. But your home insurance coverage needs may change when you have a life-changing event. Lana Insurance Center Inc. offers this short guide on when to review your home insurance. 

Changes In Family Size

It’s important to review home insurance after events such as marriage, divorce, or the death of a family member. The birth or adoption of a child is also a good time, as well as when a child moves out of the home. Additionally, make adjustments to your insurance when someone moves in for an extended period of time.

Home Renovations

Renovations definitely have an impact on home insurance. Some of the most important renovations requiring insurance review include: upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, adding an addition, and building a pool. You may also wish to review after fixing or replacing a roof or home siding. If you are planning a renovation, inquire about additional coverage for construction. 

Recent Purchases

If you have recently purchased valuable items, it’s important to make sure that you have enough protection to cover them in case they are damaged or stolen. Expensive items such as electronics, antiques, or jewelry may exceed the limits of your current policy. Ask your insurance agent about adjusting your policy or adding umbrella coverage for these items.

Property Value

Property values fluctuate over time. The coverage that you had when you first bought your home may not be sufficient 10 years down the line. Make sure that you have appropriate coverage for the current value of your home.

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