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Commercial Insurance – FAQ

Operating a business is exciting and daunting at the same time because any business is a serious investment. If you are a responsible business owner, you understand that like any investment your business needs protection. One of the most effective ways to protect it is to get commercial insurance. If you have never had this type of insurance and need more information about it, here are the answers to the most common questions about it: 

Why Is Commercial Insurance So Important?

Possible lawsuits, accidents, property damage claims, medical bills, natural disasters, the high costs of litigation are the main reasons businesses should have commercial insurance. 

What Drives the Cost of Commercial Insurance?

There are certain factors that have an impact on commercial insurance. They are the type of business, the number of employees, the value of your company assets that you want to insure, and some others.

How To Choose the Type Of Business Insurance?

The choice of business insurance depends on the type of business, business needs, risks associated with the business, At a minimum, it is recommended to carry business liability and business property insurance. 

Is Business Insurance Tax Deductible?

Your business insurance is one of the costs of operating a business. That means you can deduct insurance premiums, including premiums for professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. 

Lana Insurance Center Inc – We Are Ready To Serve Your Insurance Needs

If you live in Wallingford, CT, or any other nearby town, and you are looking for proper insurance to protect your business, Lana Insurance Center Inc. is an insurance company you need. We specialize in different types of insurance, including commercial insurance. If you need help in choosing a beneficial business insurance plan, or you have any questions, we are always ready to answer your questions. 

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