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How to prepare your business for a storm

Lana Insurance Center Inc has served Wallingford, CT business owners for a number of years. We often get asked about the best ways for a business to stay prepared when a storm or other adverse weather is heading your way. 

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your business is ready for whatever the weather brings:

1. Keep an eye on the forecast.

Pay close attention to any warnings issued by local authorities and make sure to stay informed about changing conditions in your area. It’s also a good idea to check the current weather conditions before heading into work, so you know what you may face when you arrive at the office.

2. Have an emergency plan in place.

Whether it’s keeping an extra set of car keys stashed away in case yours get locked inside during a power outage or knowing where essential supplies—such as flashlights, batteries, and canned foods—are located in case of an extended power outage, having a plan can help you stay calm and focused when the weather turns against you.

3. Stock up on emergency supplies.

As well as keeping the basic necessities like flashlights and food on hand, make sure that your business has enough toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, and other more obscure items stashed away just in case they’re needed. It might be helpful to have these supplies stored off-site for added protection against any potential damage or flooding that occurs at your place of business.

4. Keep communication channels open with your staff.

Whether it’s through email or phone calls or even in-person meetings, make sure that you stay in regular contact with your employees during a storm or other emergency. This will keep them informed about your emergency plans and how they can stay safe. 

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For more tips on how to get ready for a storm, call Lana Insurance Center Inc. today! We proudly serve the Wallingford, CT area. 

Commercial Insurance Policy Breakdown

Lana Insurance Center Inc. was built on reliability and trust. We strive to treat our clients like family by ensuring they find the coverage they deserve. We offer flexible policy options to protect our clients when life throws unexpected situations their way. We look forward to assisting you.

Commercial Insurance Policy Breakdown

Commercial insurance is an asset for business owners. You have to deal with different tasks every day. While you face these different challenges, you also have to navigate the possibility that you can be sued at any moment. Commercial insurance covers your property if you are the victim of an accidental fire or if a natural disaster moves into the area and causes damage. Commercial insurance also covers your inventory if it’s stolen or damaged. Liability coverage is a major part of your policy. You are covered if a customer enters your business and suffers an injury. You are also covered if one of your products causes property damage. The policy will assist with any necessary medical treatment and repairs. If your business suffers extensive damage, interruption coverage can assist you. This type of coverage allows you to continue operating your business while your property is repaired.

Workers’ compensation helps you take care of your employees. You are covered if your employees are injured in the workplace. The policy covers their treatment and rehabilitation. This is a great way for you to attract the best talent available by showing that you treat your workforce with respect. If your business evolves in the future, you can add extra coverage such as cyber liability insurance and errors& omissions insurance.

Lana Insurance Center Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Contact our office to learn more information about commercial insurance and how you can get a quote.

Commercial Insurance – FAQ

Operating a business is exciting and daunting at the same time because any business is a serious investment. If you are a responsible business owner, you understand that like any investment your business needs protection. One of the most effective ways to protect it is to get commercial insurance. If you have never had this type of insurance and need more information about it, here are the answers to the most common questions about it: 

Why Is Commercial Insurance So Important?

Possible lawsuits, accidents, property damage claims, medical bills, natural disasters, the high costs of litigation are the main reasons businesses should have commercial insurance. 

What Drives the Cost of Commercial Insurance?

There are certain factors that have an impact on commercial insurance. They are the type of business, the number of employees, the value of your company assets that you want to insure, and some others.

How To Choose the Type Of Business Insurance?

The choice of business insurance depends on the type of business, business needs, risks associated with the business, At a minimum, it is recommended to carry business liability and business property insurance. 

Is Business Insurance Tax Deductible?

Your business insurance is one of the costs of operating a business. That means you can deduct insurance premiums, including premiums for professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. 

Lana Insurance Center Inc – We Are Ready To Serve Your Insurance Needs

If you live in Wallingford, CT, or any other nearby town, and you are looking for proper insurance to protect your business, Lana Insurance Center Inc. is an insurance company you need. We specialize in different types of insurance, including commercial insurance. If you need help in choosing a beneficial business insurance plan, or you have any questions, we are always ready to answer your questions. 

What You Should Know About Commercial Insurance

At Lana Insurance Center Inc, serving Wallingford, CT, we understand that the business owner has a unique set of duties and responsibilities. We want to help you best meet those responsibilities for yourself, your employees, and your customers. One of the best ways you can protect your business and those counting on you is through commercial insurance. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a comprehensive insurance product that was designed for companies and business owners like you. Commercial insurance bundles together all of the important insurance coverage types that are most vital to a business owner. By having this type of coverage in place, you can rest assured that the investments of both time and money you have made into your business are protected. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance can be customized, but in general, a commercial policy will cover:

  • Property damage– Property damage coverage is vital if your business place is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary. 
  • Automobile coverage– To operate vehicles safely for your business, you will need automobile coverage. 
  • Liability– Liability coverage can sometimes prove to be one of the most important insurance types you will ever have. If an employee or a customer is injured at your place of business or because of your products or services, expensive medical bills or legal fees could result. A solid liability policy will ensure that these expenses do not come out of your pocket, putting your company’s finances at risk. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance or any other insurance products, please contact us at Lana Insurance Center Inc., serving Wallingford, CT. We will be happy to answer your insurance questions today. 

Do Food Trucks Need Commercial Insurance?

Food trucks have become incredibly popular in the last few decades, which is why many people may not know what type of insurance is right for that type of mobile business. Do they need automobile insurance or commercial insurance? Before starting a food truck business, it is imperative to know what kind of insurance is required and protect the owner from losses due to various risks. 

Do Food Trucks Need Commercial Insurance?

In a sense, food truck insurance is commercial auto insurance but has a hybrid policy’s qualities. This type of insurance protects the vehicle as well as permanently installed equipment and appliances. Additional coverage for contents, much like RV insurance, may be available with some providers and policies. Make sure to have an experienced agent assist with the policy selection as well as explain all of the terms and conditions before finalizing the policy agreement. 

Finding The Right Coverage

It can be confusing when trying to shop for specialty insurance alone. That is why people who are looking for food truck insurance should work closely with an agent. People who live in or near the Wallingford, CT area can count on Lana Insurance Center Inc. to help them get the policy they need to protect their investment from potential hazards and gaps in coverage. In addition, they can help file claims or assist with policy adjustment as the food trucks grow and change to its business plan over time. 

Those who are searching for high-quality food truck insurance or any commercial policy should call or stop by Lana Insurance Center Inc., serving the residents in and around the Wallingford, CT area today. We can get the ball rolling, so finding the right policy is quick and easy. 

Types of Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

Small business owners have different insurance needs than large companies. These needs are also different than personal insurance needs. Selecting the right commercial policies are important for the stability of your business. If you are a small business owner in Wallingford, CT, consider commercial insurance from Lana Insurance Center Inc. 

Commercial Liability

Most small businesses will need a general commercial liability policy. This policy will cover claims from damage or injuries that occur on your business property. If you have a physical business, you will need a general liability policy. It may also cover libel and slander claims. 

You might need professional liability as well. General liability covers claims not related directly related to your product or service. Professional liability covers claims that come from defects in your work or product. If someone slips inside your store, general liability will cover it. If you make a surgical mistake, it would be covered by professional liability. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers buildings on your property and their contents. This includes business equipment and inventory. This coverage is needed for stores, factories, warehouses, and office buildings. If you own a home-based business, you may still need a commercial property policy to protect expensive business equipment and inventory. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If your business has any employees, Connecticut law requires you to have worker’s compensation insurance. Sole proprietorships are exempt from the requirement. Worker’s compensation will cover injuries and missed work time if an employee is injured on the job. 

Choosing the right commercial insurance policies can be difficult. Our friendly agents will learn about your business and your specific needs so they can make the right recommendations. Contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to learn more about our policies. 

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