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A Look At What Medicare Plans Insurance Entails

Located in Wallingford, CT, Lana Insurance Center Inc. strives to help residents throughout Connecticut find the insurance coverage that they need. We offer our clients a variety of different insurance policies.

Medicare Plans Insurance

Lana Insurance Center Inc. offers Connecticut residents Medicare plans. The policy contains several different plans.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Insurance covers your medical services at facilities within a specified area. In addition to your prescription drug coverage, your policy may also include medication therapy management. You can also add extra benefits to your policy, such as vision, dental, and hearing.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare supplemental insurance is an additional policy that provides unique benefits, such as covering you if you decide to seek treatment outside of the United States. Medicare supplemental insurance is intended to assist people who have Medicare Part A and Part B. This policy covers you if you are admitted to the hospital for an extended period.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D covers you if you are using self-administered prescription drugs. Medicare Part D will protect you so that you can receive the care that you need. It’s crucial that you research which drugs are covered under Medicare Part D.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Hospital Indemnity Insurance will cover you if you are admitted to a hospital for a condition that may not be covered under your other policies. Hospital Indemnity Insurance can cover any deductibles, as well as food expenses. The insurance will also cover your rehabilitation process. With Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you can focus on getting better while your stay is covered.

Consult With Lana Insurance Center Inc.

Stop by our office in Wallingford, CT. We will help you evaluate your options so that you can find the appropriate plan.

Will Condo Insurance Cover A Guest’s Possessions?

When you live in a condo in Wallingford, CT, your condo association will typically carry insurance that covers everything outside of the domicile, that is, the building itself, and any liability concerns arising in the general neighborhood. Your condo insurance, which you purchase yourself, will then cover everything inside the home. It functions more like renters insurance than home insurance in that way, including your possessions, the safety of those inside the house, and any liability concerns that are not listed as exclusions.

This means that there will be some coverage allowed for a guest’s possessions, as well as any injury they may suffer while inside of your home if you are held responsible for the incident in any way.

Just like with renters insurance, there are some exceptions, of course. If someone is injured while taking part in illegal activity, there’s a good chance that the insurance company will not honor the claim. If you have someone staying for an extended period, primarily living in your home as a roommate, you will need to call your insurer and let them know that your guest is a permanent, or semi-permanent, resident of the house.

Your condo insurance provider will honor the most reasonable claims made on damaged or stolen property belonging to a guest. They’re here to help you, after all. Just make sure that you keep them informed on anything out of the ordinary. If you’re hosting a big house party, if someone is staying for months on end, if they’re carrying exceptionally valuable goods with them (a typical policy covers up to $100,000 in liability coverage), let your insurer know.

If you’re shopping around for condo insurance in Wallingford, CT, get in touch with Lana Insurance Center Inc. Lana Insurance Center Inc. can get you the protection you need.

Protect Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance in Connecticut

Life is a fantastic gift that we get to enjoy to the best of our abilities, and it only comes around once. While it is hard to talk about what has to be done before you pass away, it is unavoidable. There is no perfect time to bring up life insurance as a discussion around the family. However, it is imperative to talk about it before it is too late.

We are Lana Insurance Center Inc., based in Wallingford, CT, and we have served our local clients for three decades now. A family-owned company that believes everyone deserves the right insurance policies in their lives. One of the most important types of insurance policies to have is life insurance. However, there are no laws or requirements in the state of Connecticut to have life insurance. To work hard your entire life, and have good lifetime memories with your family, those are the most important parts to protect even when you pass away. 

Life insurance is a safety net that helps your loved ones with bills, providing for themselves, paying for funeral expenses, and more. We are happy to talk to you about every single detail that you need to know about a policy that works best for you and your family. We have a variety of options for you to choose from, and we will do our best to make sure you leave our office happy and at ease.

Would you like to set up a consultation meeting at our office? You can contact us via phone during our business hours at (203) 284-8801. Our agents at Lana Insurance Center Inc. will be happy to help answer your questions and find you a quote.

Collision coverage and your auto policy

Collision coverage is essential because it is the only way a driver is covered from damage to their vehicle. Without collision coverage on an auto insurance policy, the driver will have to pay for all of the damage to their vehicle out of their pocket. Collision coverage is also required in most situations where a car is financed or leased. Lana Insurance Center Inc. provides collision coverage in Wallingford, CT, and nearby towns. 

Collision coverage and deductibles

As the name implies, collision coverage is part of an auto insurance policy that will assist a driver with paying for damage to the body of their vehicle due to an accident. Note that this is only for accident and theft, and other losses are covered under different sections of the policy. 

Deductibles are one of the most critical parts of the collision coverage. This deductible is meant to represent the initial amount that the driver must pay before their insurance coverage will begin to pay for the rest of the damage. As a general rule, drivers can choose to pay a higher policy premium so that they will owe less of their own money in the event of an accident. An insurance provider will recommend a deductible that is right for the policyholder based on their financial needs. Some high-risk drivers may choose to pay upfront for a lower deductible, while others who drive less may want a higher one because accidents are less likely. 

Learn more about your auto insurance policy and collision coverage

Additional questions about how collision coverage will work on your policy can be directed at agents from Lana Insurance Center Inc. We serve the Wallingford, CT area with various kinds of auto insurance policies that help all sorts of drivers. 

Do Food Trucks Need Commercial Insurance?

Food trucks have become incredibly popular in the last few decades, which is why many people may not know what type of insurance is right for that type of mobile business. Do they need automobile insurance or commercial insurance? Before starting a food truck business, it is imperative to know what kind of insurance is required and will protect the owner from losses due to a variety of risks. 

Do Food Trucks Need Commercial Insurance?

In a sense, food truck insurance is commercial auto insurance but has the qualities of a hybrid policy. This type of insurance protects the vehicle as well as permanently installed equipment and appliances. Additional coverage for contents, much like RV insurance, may be available with some providers and policies. Make sure to have an experienced agent assist with the policy selection as well as explain all of the terms and conditions before finalizing the policy agreement. 

Finding The Right Coverage

It can be confusing when trying to shop for specialty insurance alone. That is why people who are looking for food truck insurance should work closely with an agent. People who live in or near the Wallingford, CT area can count on Lana Insurance Center Inc. to help them get the policy they need to protect their investment from potential hazards and gaps in coverage. In addition, they can help file claims or assist with policy adjustment as the food trucks grow and change to its business plan over the course of time. 

Those who are searching for high-quality food truck insurance or any commercial policy should call or stop by Lana Insurance Center Inc., serving the residents in and around the Wallingford, CT area today. We can get the ball rolling, so finding the right policy is quick and easy. 

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