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How to Stay Safe with a Motorcycle

At Lana Insurance Center Inc., serving the greater Wallingford, CT community, we provide motorcycle insurance to our clients. We are proud to provide tips that will help you stay safe on the road while you are driving your motorcycle. 

Riding a motorcycle is exciting and thrilling, but it can also be hazardous. Motorcyclists are commonly overlooked by drivers, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

You can do numerous things to improve your road safety:

Perform a safety check.

Before you even start riding, make sure that everything on your motorcycle is in working order. Examine the brakes, lights, mirrors, throttle, and all other components. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t disregard it. If something doesn’t seem right or isn’t working properly, don’t ride. It may seem insignificant, but it could mean the difference between arriving safely at your destination and being involved in a serious accident.

Stay Sober.

Riding a motorcycle requires a lot of concentration and mental energy. It is critical that you remain sober. Riding under the influence of alcohol is riskier, and you are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident.

Make sure that you are well-rested.

Riding, as previously stated, requires a significant amount of mental energy and focus. Keeping this in mind, you should get a good night’s sleep so that you are rested for your ride. If you try to bike after being exhausted, you are more likely to make incorrect decisions, which could lead to a bad accident.

Drive defensively

Even if you take all of these precautions, motorcycle riders are frequently invisible to drivers. To reduce this, it is critical to drive defensively. Make yourself invisible and ride as though no one can see you. Stay out of potential blind spots wherever feasible, and provide plenty of time for signaling.

Get Coverage For Your Motorcycle

Here at Lana Insurance Center Inc., we are proud to be serving citizens of the greater Wallingford, CT area. Give us a call today so we can quote you a custom policy that best suits your needs. 

Do You Need Parts A, B, C, and D of Medicare?

For decades people have lamented the complexity of Medicare, even making fun of turning 65 and needing to register for it in TV commercials and shows. Lana Insurance Center Inc. wants to help simply Medicare for our Wallingford, CT neighbors.

Understanding Medicare

When you turn 65 years old, you automatically qualify to register for Medicare. The US government provides about a six-month window for this registration.

When you register, you can choose to accept only the free Medicare Part A or accept it and add Parts B and/or D.

  • Part A, the free insurance, covers hospital stays, skilled nursing facility care, also called a nursing home, hospice care, and home health care.
  • Part B, one of the optional insurance parts, covers medical care, including doctor visits, medical equipment, preventative services, and some home healthcare costs.
  • Part D, one of the optional insurance parts, covers prescriptions, including items like insulin.
  • Part C, one of the optional insurance parts, covers all of the items in Parts A, B, and D. If you purchase Plan C, you don’t need Plan A, B, or D separately. They come as a bundle.

Other options include supplemental insurance plans that cover specific needs or special situations. Sometimes called Medigap insurance, these policies help cover your part of the costs of a hospital stay.

Part A covers many things in a hospital stay, but the insured individual always has some part of the cost of treatment to pay, even if it’s only a co-pay. Medigap pays for this portion of the healthcare costs.

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Avoid the confusion of Medicare parts by contacting Lana Insurance Center Inc. We serve Wallingford, CT with the Medicare insurance it needs to supplement Part A.

Can You Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is an important financial planning tool that helps protect individuals or beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s untimely passing. Anyone looking for reliable life insurance can find out more details or get coverage from the experts at Lana Insurance Center Inc, serving the residents in and around Wallingford, CT.

Life Insurance Policies 

Life insurance is a flexible and useful asset for individuals to help them provide for beneficiaries after they pass due to a covered event. Although many people secure a single life insurance policy, they may not realize they can have more than one. You may also have more than one beneficiary for a life insurance policy. To find out more about life insurance options and coverage, consult with our licensed life insurance agents, who can provide detailed information.

They can help provide insight regarding policies and carefully assess each individual’s situation to recommend life insurance that works for their specific situation. Our agents can also assist with documentation and submission of details to help secure the policy. Our agents are available to provide comprehensive customer service before, during, and after securing the policy. Be sure to get the life insurance protection necessary to offer a blanket of coverage to those who are most important.

Reach Out Today 

To learn more about life insurance policies and protection, please reach out to Lana Insurance Center Inc, serving the greater Wallingford, CT region. Call or stop by the office today to schedule a consultation with one of our helpful agents. We are here to help provide education and support to ensure our customers get the policies and protection that offer peace of mind and security for beneficiaries.

Understanding Your Condo’s Insurance Requirements

Owning a condo in Wallingford, CT can be an exciting experience. But along with the excitement of owning a condo also comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is having the right insurance for your condo. Lana Insurance Center Inc. understands your need to protect your investment.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right condo insurance:

What Insurance Do I Need? 

The most important thing for any condo owner to understand is that your condo association’s insurance does not cover you personally or your possessions inside your unit. You get coverage to protect your personal property and liability if something happens inside or outside your unit. This type of coverage is known as “HO-6” insurance, and it’s required by law if you’re living in a condominium. 

When purchasing HO-6 insurance, keep these points in mind: 

• The policy should cover the structure of your unit, including walls, floors, and ceilings.

• It should also provide liability protection if someone is injured on the premises or if someone sues you for damages caused by something arising from within the unit or common areas shared with other unit owners. 

• Don’t forget that flood damage isn’t covered under this type of policy – you will also need additional coverage for that!  

Do I Need Additional Coverage? 

If you own a condo, there is some extra scope that you might want to add to your policy, depending on where you live and what kind of lifestyle you lead. For example, adding riders to your existing policy is a good idea if you own expensive items like jewelry or artwork.

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If at any point during this process, you feel overwhelmed with all the different options available – contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT. We will be more than happy to help you find an affordable yet tailored solution that meets all your needs today!

How to prepare your business for a storm

Lana Insurance Center Inc has served Wallingford, CT business owners for a number of years. We often get asked about the best ways for a business to stay prepared when a storm or other adverse weather is heading your way. 

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your business is ready for whatever the weather brings:

1. Keep an eye on the forecast.

Pay close attention to any warnings issued by local authorities and make sure to stay informed about changing conditions in your area. It’s also a good idea to check the current weather conditions before heading into work, so you know what you may face when you arrive at the office.

2. Have an emergency plan in place.

Whether it’s keeping an extra set of car keys stashed away in case yours get locked inside during a power outage or knowing where essential supplies—such as flashlights, batteries, and canned foods—are located in case of an extended power outage, having a plan can help you stay calm and focused when the weather turns against you.

3. Stock up on emergency supplies.

As well as keeping the basic necessities like flashlights and food on hand, make sure that your business has enough toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, and other more obscure items stashed away just in case they’re needed. It might be helpful to have these supplies stored off-site for added protection against any potential damage or flooding that occurs at your place of business.

4. Keep communication channels open with your staff.

Whether it’s through email or phone calls or even in-person meetings, make sure that you stay in regular contact with your employees during a storm or other emergency. This will keep them informed about your emergency plans and how they can stay safe. 

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For more tips on how to get ready for a storm, call Lana Insurance Center Inc. today! We proudly serve the Wallingford, CT area. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Most people think that if they have insurance, they are protected from any legal issues that might come up. However, what many people don’t know is that there are different types of insurance policies, and each one has its own specific purpose. One type of policy that is often overlooked is umbrella insurance. Consult with Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT is here to provide a guide. 

Umbrella Insurance: What You Need To Know

Umbrella insurance is a policy that provides extra coverage for incidents that fall outside the scope of your other policies. So, who should get umbrella insurance? How does it work? What are the benefits? And how much does it cost? 

First of all, it is important to understand that umbrella insurance is not intended to replace your other insurance policies – rather, it is meant to be an extra layer of coverage for those rare situations. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and are sued for property damage or bodily injury, your regular auto insurance policy will typically cover you up to a certain limit. However, if the damages from the accident exceed that limit, you could be held legally responsible for covering the difference. This is where umbrella insurance comes in – it provides an extra layer of protection if you are ever sued and your other policies cannot cover all of the damages.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to who should get umbrella insurance, as the decision of whether or not to purchase umbrella insurance depends on a variety of individual factors. However, in general, it is probably a good idea for people who have significant assets or net worth to purchase an umbrella insurance policy. 

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If you have any questions about your policies or are interested in exploring umbrella insurance, call Lana Insurance Center Inc. We serve the Wallingford, CT area.

Is Renters Insurance Mandatory?

Renter’s insurance is not mandatory in the greater Wallingford, CT region. However, landlords are increasingly requiring this vital coverage for tenants.

Why You Should Consider Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance isn’t mandatory in Connecticut, but you should get it anyway.

  1. Your landlord’s property insurance doesn’t cover your belongings. If something happens to the property like a fire, renter’s insurance helps you recover from the loss.
  2. Renter’s insurance is affordable. Since it doesn’t cover the physical structure, only your personal property, your premiums are relatively low.
  3. Renter’s insurance covers you if a guest is injured in your home.

Three Common Types of Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance typically includes three primary types of coverage. These include:

  • Liability – Covers you if a visitor is injured in your home.
  • Personal Property – Covers the things you own within the home.
  • Additional Living Expenses – Covers the reasonable expenses related to being temporarily displaced from your home due to a covered claim.

These do not cover certain specialty items you might own like collectibles, firearms, and jewelry. They also don’t cover your personal medical bills should disaster strike. You can buy riders and coverages to ensure you are fully protected. Lana Insurance Center Inc. has our friendly staff ready to answer your questions about special coverages to ensure you are properly protected.

Disaster Ready

It’s important to note that the renter’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding damage. If you live in a flood-prone area, you will want to consider having additional flood insurance which can be obtained from the National Flood Insurance Program.

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When you are ready to protect your investments, call or stop by Lana Insurance Center Inc in Wallingford, CT. Our staff is ready to offer clear answers to all your insurance questions.

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in CT?

As a motorcycle owner, you know that having insurance is essential. But do you need motorcycle insurance in Wallingford, CT? The answer is yes.

Here’s why:

It’s the Law

Motorcycle insurance is required by law in Connecticut. Motorcycle insurance protects you financially if you are involved in an accident. It can help pay for your medical bills, damage to your motorcycle, and other expenses. If caught riding without insurance, you could be fined or have your license suspended.

Without motorcycle insurance, you are taking a risk. An accident could leave you with a hefty bill you would be responsible for paying. Your credit score could be affected if you can’t pay the bill. Contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to get a quote for motorcycle insurance. We can help you find the right coverage for your needs.

Loans May Require One

If you are financing your motorcycle, your lender will require you to have insurance. This is to protect their investment in case you are in an accident. If you don’t have insurance and are in an accident, the lender could require you to immediately pay the entire loan off.

You May Need More Than the Minimum

The minimum motorcycle insurance required in Connecticut is $20,000 for bodily injury per person, $40,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $10,000 for property damage. However, this may not be enough coverage if you are in a severe accident. You could be responsible for paying any costs exceeding your policy’s limits.

Get Coverage For Your Vehicle Today

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand your coverage and what to do if you are in an accident. Contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. for a free consultation if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Medicare Insurance FAQs

When you reach the age where you are eligible for Medicare, you have choices. Many myths exist about advantage plans and what they do and do not cover. You may not realize all the ramifications of your decisions. At Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT, we are here to help guide you and to answer your questions about the choices you must make when it comes to your Medicare coverage. 

Medicare Insurance FAQs

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage Plan is coverage provided by private insurance companies that covers the same things that Medicare covers. The advantage is that many of the plans include your prescription coverage. You may also get lots of other benefits, including membership in a gym, dental coverage, OTC money to spend, and more. Some cost no more than your Medicare payment, others have a monthly fee. 

What does Medicare Supplement (Medigap) pay?

Medicare doesn’t cover 100% of medical care. Medigap insurance helps to fill in the gap between what Medicare pays and what is actually charged. Private insurance companies provide coverage. 

What do I need to know about Medicare Part D (prescription plans)? 

Traditional Medicare doesn’t have prescription coverage, you have to buy it separately. You may not be aware that you are required to have a prescription plan once you become eligible for Medicare. If you have creditable prescription coverage from another source, you may be able to avoid the penalty you are required to pay for not having it. Keep records of your other coverage to prove you had it. The penalty will be added to your Medicare prescription coverage once you do get it and it will never go away, ever. Since it is a percentage, if the premium goes up, so does your penalty. 

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Contact Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to discuss what options you need to consider when it comes to Medicare insurance. 

I Have A Life Insurance Policy Through My Job. Do I Need To Buy Another One?

Many people have life insurance policies through their jobs. This is a great way to get coverage since it is usually cheaper than buying a policy on your own. But is this the only policy you need? Probably not. In most cases, having two life insurance policies is better than having just one.

Here are some reasons why:

Your Work Policy May Not Be Enough

The policy that your employer provides is probably not enough to cover all of your expenses if you die. Most work policies only pay out a few hundred thousand dollars, which may not be enough to cover things like your mortgage, college tuition for your children, or other debts and final expenses.

You May Not Be Covered If You Leave Your Job

If you leave your job, your life insurance policy will usually go with you. But there are some exceptions. For example, if you retire or are fired, you may not be able to keep your policy. So it’s vital to have a second policy that is not through your employer in case you lose your first one. Talk to Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to understand more about getting additional insurance in case you lose your job.

You May Want Different Types of Coverage

Employer-provided life insurance policies are usually "term life" policies. This means they only provide coverage for a certain period, such as five or ten years. But you may want a "whole life" policy, which provides coverage for your entire life. Or you may want a "universal life" policy, a type of whole life policy with more flexibility. So if you want different types of coverage, you may need to purchase more than one policy.

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As you can see, there are many good reasons to have two life insurance policies. If you have a policy through your job, that’s great. But don’t stop there. Get a second policy from Lana Insurance Center Inc. in Wallingford, CT to ensure you and your family are fully protected.

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